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A Cloud Workspace is a collection of business applications, file storage places, domain policies/permissions, and print locations that can be accessed remotely in either desktop or application mode anytime, anywhere, from any internet connected device.  In desktop mode, the end user can access one or more Windows 10 desktops.  In application mode, only the selected application will open on their Windows, Apple, or Android device.  Unlike traditional, PC-powered workspaces, Cloud Workspaces are hosted in a data center behind layers of physical and network security.

Yes.  Cloud Workspaces offer many advantages over traditional PC-based IT.  Conero’s Cloud Workspaces leverage Citrix’s advanced remote desktop and application technology.  Large enterprises have used this technology for many years to centralize and streamline the delivery of IT services to their staff and now its benefits are readily available as a cloud service to small and medium sized business.   And unlike traditional PC-based IT, Cloud Workspaces are ready to power the modern workplace by securely delivering corporate desktops, applications, and data to mobile users on all types of Windows, Apple, and Android devices regardless if those devices are corporate or personal.

For a large majority of small and medium sized the businesses, the answer is overwhelmingly yes.  Yet, a lack of knowledge and experience with cloud-based IT delivery solutions is holding many businesses back.  Eventually the demand for security along with efficiency, mobility and BYOD in the modern workspace will push virtually all businesses to fully cloud-based IT models over traditional PC-centric IT solutions.  The anytime, anywhere, any device access to business applications and data provided by Cloud Workspaces has already transformed many businesses, making them more secure, agile, and productive.  At Concero, we support the transition to cloud services through free trials and encouraging the incremental adoption of cloud services so the benefits to stakeholders are fully demonstrated.

We have built the credibility, technology expertise and reputation working with businesses just like yours over the years. We have invested heavily in cloud technologies and training of our staff to provide reliable, exceptional service and flawless security.

No.  In fact, Concero’s Cloud Workspace solutions deliver enhanced security in many ways.  If a workstation, laptop, or mobile device is lost, stolen, or compromised there is no risk to the business as all your applications and data either never leave a top-tier data center or in, the case of mobile apps, run in a secure “container” on the mobile device that is kept separate from personal apps and data and can be remotely wiped.   At the data center, redundancy is maintained at every level and enterprise security standards, including SSAE 16 SOC II certification, are maintained.  Every customer is deployed on private servers and networks behind anti-virus scanners, advanced intrusion detection, and multiple layers of firewalls and proxy servers.  All systems, applications, and files are backed up daily.  And to protect against identity theft, we offer an effective and easy to use two-factor authentication service.  Add on in-house security experts and it is nearly impossible for small and medium-sized businesses to achieve and maintain the same level of security as is offered by cloud service providers like Concero.

Compared to on-premise IT solutions, there is one area that cloud-based solutions will carry higher risk: Internet connectivity.  Cloud services require a highly reliable Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to accommodate the the users at a location.  Today, the quality of business-grade Internet services in most locations is excellent and affordable.   Although Cloud Workspaces are engineered to be delivered over low-quality networks, bigger is better and a backup connection is a good idea where service is mission-critical.

Yes, training is available via webinars, live demos, videos, and our service desk.  To get our customers started, a training session is scheduled along with any new deployment.  Additional group or individual training sessions can be organized at any time with the service desk.

Concero’s Cloud Workspaces are hosted on an enterprise-grade cloud services platform within a top-tier data center.  This services platform is fully redundant and gives customers access to highly scalable,  enterprise-class servers, storage and networking resources along with core software components that Concero uses to deliver its Cloud Workspace services.  These software components include: Microsoft Server 2016, Linux,  Citrix Virtual Desktop, Citrix Virtual Apps, and Citrix Endpoint Management.

On this platform, each workspace customer is provisioned a “private cloud” where they can install any Windows Server 2016 or Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE) compatible application.  Dedicated database, email, web, and or file servers can be included as part of your private cloud along with your application server(s).

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