NEW Fast Restore Service for Veeam Cloud Connect

Concero’s Veeam Cloud Connect service has been upgraded to include a Rapid Recovery service.

A good cloud-based disaster recovery solution is not just about delivering secure and reliable backups.  When disaster strikes, its all about the fast recovery of your data.  One of the downsides of cloud backup services is slow recovery times.  Without direct access to the backup medium, even a modest amount of backup data can take days to recover over a very good Internet connection.

Concero’s Rapid Recovery service solves this problem.

When you need your backups the most, Concero will have a technician with a Rapid Recovery Kit at your location the next day.  The Rapid Recovery Kit will contain a copy of your latest backups from the data center which you can use to recover your VMware or HyperV VMs at LAN speeds.

Learn more about Veeam Cloud Connect.

Concero Rapid Recovery Kit

  • Included with Cloud Connect service
  • Hand Delivered by Technician
  • Significantly Improved Recovery Times
  • Capacity for 10+ TB of Cloud Backups
  • Connect to LAN via 1 or 10 Gbps Ports
  • Rugged and Secure Travel Case

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