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Concero delivers comprehensive cloud hosting solutions to private and public sector organizations with business-critical websites and applications. We will be your operations team.  We will design, implement, and maintain your cloud hosting environment end-to-end.

End-to-End Support

Concero fully manages all five layers of the cloud hosting solutions stack (datacenter services, cloud computing services, OS and application management services, IT life-cycle management services, and global delivery services) to achieve the availability, performance, and security required by business-critical web sites and applications.

Cloud hosting end to end support

Datacenter Services

Concero leverages top-tier data center services globally.  These facilities all feature fully redundant power, cooling, and network infrastructure engineered to withstand multiple failures and be maintained without disrupting service.  The operational and security processes at each facility are SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified and have security on-site 24x7x365.

cloud hosting data centres
  • Global Datacenter Footprint
  • Fully Redundant Power, Cooling, Connectivity to Every Device
  • Fully Redundant Internet Connections from Multiple Tier 1 Providers
  • Secure WAN (MPLS and VPN) Connections Supported
  • 24x7x365 On-site Security with Multiple Layers of Physical Access Controls
  • Access Authorized for Qualified Personnel Only
  • SSAE 16 SOC II Certified Operational and Security Processes

Cloud Computing Services

Concero’s uses a hybrid cloud computing platform that integrates Concero’s own state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure in Canada with Microsoft’s global Azure cloud computing infrastructure.  You have full control over where your data resides.  This hybrid cloud platform supports the most demanding business-requirements for availability, performance, and security for both Linux and Window’s-based workloads.
  • Dynamically Scalable Windows and Linux Cloud Servers
  • High Availability Web, Application, and Database Architectures
  • Integrated Firewall, IDS, and Log Management Services
  • Federated AD Authentication and Permissions Management Services
  • Two-Factor Authentication and Disk Encryption Services
  • Integrated Load Balancing and Caching Services
  • Advanced, Replication, Backup, and Disaster Recovery Services
hybrid cloud hosting platform

OS and Application Management

Concero‘s expert solution engineers and system administrators are armed with years of cloud experience, the latest certifications, and the most advanced cloud management tools available. This allows us to minimize potential issues and take a proactive and holistic approach to managing your pre-production, production, and disaster recovery environments on our our hybrid cloud computing platform.

cloud hosting OS and Application Management
Supported Cloud/Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Microsoft Cloud Platform: Manage your private or hybrid cloud as if you are on the Azure public cloud.
  • VMWare vCloud Suite: Manage workloads on public, private, and hybrid clouds running vSphere or non-vSphere hypervisors.
Supported OS and Application Stacks:
  • Windows/IIS/SQLServer/.NET Stack Support
  • Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, Perl, or Python Stack Support

IT Lifecycle Management

Concero’s comprehensive hosting solutions emphasize the importance of effective IT Service Management over the entire life cycle of business-critical websites and application. This is critical to achieving the highest levels of availability, performance, and security.  As a result, Concero conforms to industry standard best-practices, such as ITIL and ISO 27001, and has adopted DevOps tools and processes to managed activity effectively across pre-production, production, and business continuity systems.
Service Design
  • Solution Engineering
  • Supplier Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Information Security Management

Service Transition

  • Change and Configuration Management
  • Automated Runbook Management
  • Service Testing and Validation
  • Release and Deployment Management
  • Knowledge Management

Operations Services:

  • Request Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
Cloud Hosting IT Lifecycle Management

Global Delivery Services

Global Traffic Management, Global App/Content Acceleration, Global Security Services, and Global Performance and Availability Monitoring Services are essential elements in the delivery of business-critical web sites and applications. Concero expertly integrates these global services into our cloud hosting solutions to achieve level of service your end-users can count on.

Cloud Hosting Global Delivery Services
  • Global Traffic Management Services
  • Global Web and Application Acceleration Services
  • Global Web Application Firewall Services and Denial of Service Protection
  • Global Availability and Performance Monitoring

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