Our Technology Partners

Technology Partners 2018-08-28T10:22:16-07:00

Concero leverages industry-leading cloud technology and services to deliver world-class cloud solutions with global reach.

Citrix is the leading provider of remote desktop and mobile application technology.  Concero is a Citrix partner and uses its technology to power remote desktops and to enable cloud solutions where network latency would otherwise compromise the solution.

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software development and cloud services.  Concero is a Microsoft partner.  We provide deep support for Microsoft applications and makes extensive use of its Azure and Office 365 services in developing cloud solutions .

VMware is a global leader in server virtualization technology.  Concero is a VMware partner and uses its cloud technology extensively to create and manage virtual machines.

Solarwinds is a leading provider of network monitoring and management software.  Concero is a Solarwinds N-able partner.  Solarwinds N-able is a powerful platform, designed for Managed Service Providers, which we use to monitor, manage, and automate complex cloud environments.

eFolder is channel partner that provides the software behind our popular SyncAnywhere service.  SyncAnywhere is perfect for sharing and protecting business files within the office and with mobile users.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking technology.  Concero uses Cisco routing, switching, and firewall technology to as part of its public, private and hybrid cloud offerings.

Veeam is a leading provider of backup software for VMware.  Concero provides a remote backup service that allows customers using Veeam to target our cloud storage for secure archiving and disaster recovery purposes.

Ahsay is a leading provider of backup software to Managed Serve Providers.  Concero is an Ahsay partner and uses its software to backup on-premise desktops, servers, VMware, and HyperV virtual machines and replicate those backups to secure storage in the cloud for archiving and business continuity.

HPE is a global provider of IT technology and services.  At the heart of Concero’s own cloud infrastructure and its private and hybrid cloud solutions is HP blade server technology because of its proven reliability, performance, and manageability.

Nimble is part of a new generation of SAN storage providers delivering high performance all-flash and hybrid arrays. Concero uses Nimble arrays to power its own cloud computing infrastructure and as the basis of its private and hybrid cloud solutions.

AlertLogic is a trusted provider of network security services for enterprises and managed service providers globally.  Concero uses AlertLogix’s to proactively monitor its networks 24x7x365 for anomalous activity and assist with any issues that may arise.