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A critical component of any organization is file sharing and storage.  Today, there are more file options than ever to consider.  The most significant of these is whether to adopt a business-class cloud storage service such as Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, Citrix’s ShareFile, or Concero’s SyncAnywhere.  Each of these file sharing and storage services can be integrated into your Concero Desktops depending on your requirements.

Default File Storage for Concero Cloud Desktops

C: Drive – OS and Application Storage

All Concero Cloud Desktops have a 60GB C: Drive where OS and Application files are installed.  For the best availability and performance the C: drive is hosted on solid-state accelerated, SAN-based storage.  Customers are encouraged NOT to use the C: drive for user-created files.  There are a number of secondary file storage options better suited for this, including the Desktop’s D: drive and/or more advanced Cloud File Sync & Storage solutions.

D: Drive – User File Storage

By default, all Concero Cloud Desktops have a D: (Data) drive. This D: drive is where user files should be stored.  To start, the D: drive is allocated 10GB of SAN storage but it can be increased as required.  If needed, additional drives can also be created.  The files stored on the D: drive can be shared with other users but this file service lacks the advanced file sharing, synchronization, and security features of the cloud file services listed below.

Business-grade File Sync & Share Solutions

Concero SyncAnywhere

Concero’s SyncAnywhere service is a cloud file sharing and storage service that delivers enterprise-class availability and security features in an easy to use and administer package.  Centrally manage all file sharing within and without your organization while making files available on any internet connected end-user device.  With SyncAnywhere’s advanced continuous backup feature you also get industry-best protection against data loss, including rapid recovery from crypto-locker attacks.   As a Concero service, files stored on the SyncAnywhere service reside in the same top-tier Canadian datacenter as your Concero Desktops.  Learn More.

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Citrix ShareFile

ShareFile is a popular enterprise cloud file sharing and storage service from Citrix.  ShareFile is feature rich and, unlike other cloud file services, can work in conjunction with other services to provide an additional layer of security and functionality.  Like SyncAnywhere, ShareFile integrates seamlessly with Concero Desktops but files reside on Citrix’s cloud infrastructure.  Learn More

Microsoft One Drive for Business

One Drive for Business is Microsoft’s cloud file sharing and storage service and is included with your Concero Desktop when ordered with Microsoft Office 365.  One Drive for Business works in conjunction with SharePoint, a full featured document management system.  In general, One Drive for Business is very end-user friendly and adequate for many use cases but it lacks some of the business-grade end-point security and replication features of ShareFile and SyncAnywhere.

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