Setting a New Standard for Disaster Recovery

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Concero’s cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) solutions are the most powerful available for virtualized infrastructures.  They deliver industry-best RTO and RPO.  They are non-disruptive to deploy and include all of the cloud computing resources, replication technology, and automated recovery orchestration necessary for companies to test, fail-over, or fail-back a subset or all of their applications easily, at any time.

Continuous Protection

Through Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Concero delivers industry-best recovery times for hosted and on-premise virtual machines.  CDP replicates production data to a disaster recovery site as the VMware or HyperV server writes it to storage.  This approach is much cheaper and simpler than cumbersome hardware-based, synchronous replication solutions and results in the least amount of data loss.

Data Protection

Moreover, Concero’s disaster recovery solution includes journal based protection.  This feature allows you to set recovery points in increments of a few seconds up to two weeks in the past. This means that Concero doesn’t just protect against data center wide issues such as hardware failures, power issues or natural disasters, it also protects against logical failures such as database corruptions, viruses, faulty application upgrades and user errors.

Advanced Protection Groups

Concero’s disaster recovery solution uses Protection Groups (PGs). PGs allow virtual machines (VMs) that make up an application or service function to be logically grouped together. The VMs assigned to a PG are protected together, with write-order fidelity between the VMs in the PG. The write-order fidelity is critical because it allows all VMs within the PG to be recovered with perfect continuity up to 14 days in the past. PGs are also important because they provide granularity and reduces recovery times to the disaster recovery process.  With PGs, you can quickly and easily select one, some, or all of your protected applications, each with their own single or multi-server dependencies, to be recovered in the cloud to the exact point in time you require.

Combined Orchestration and Replication Tool

There is an elegance to having both the orchestration and the replication tool combined that isn’t found on many other solutions that are essentially cobbled together components. For example, when configuring the failover, ZVR configures the reverse protection scheme, meaning it will automatically replicate back to the source site and have the failback configurations defined based on the location of the production VMs. ZVR also automates the end user acceptance confirmation based on their SLA. The user interface provides both replication and virtual machine protection information in the same dashboard.

Combined Orchestration and Replication Tool
Automate failover, failback, and disaster recovery testing. Recover one, some, or all applications in the cloud with a click of a button.
Service Levels
Realize recovery point objectives of seconds and recovery time objectives of minutes through advanced replication and orchestration.
continuous-protection-iconContinuous Data
Recover from any disruption with 5 days worth of checkpoints available every couple of seconds.
Continuous block-level replication across VMware and Microsoft hypervisors to almost any public or private cloud environment regardless of their compute or storage architecture.
vm-granular-iconGranular, VM-level
Pick specific applications to protect regardless of their physical server or storage location.
simple-install-iconSimple InstallationInstalls remotely without any impact on production applications or storage configurations, performance, or resource utilization.
protection-iconProtect Production
Ensure application consistency with groups of VMs which are protected, managed, replicated and recovered as one entity
cloud-backup-iconOffsite BackupIncrease the usefulness of replicated data with long term retention capabilities at the replication site.
replication-iconStorage Agnostic
Remove barriers to entry with storage independent replication.
cloud-iconSupport for
Public Cloud
Replicate, protect and migrate workloads to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure

Disaster Recovery is Easier Than You Think