Protect your Business with Two-Factor Authentication

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Weak, default, or stolen passwords are a primary source of data breaches.  To better protect your business-critical applications and data, you need to confirm a users identity when they login to your network.  DUO two-factor authentication (2FA) strengthens access security by requiring confirmation of a users identity via an app on their smartphone in addition to a username and password.  Without this confirmation, hackers can’t pretend to be you and gain unauthorized access to your business-critical applications and data in the cloud or on-premise.

DUO Authentication

  • per User / per Month
  • Important Security for Your Business

  • Easy to Use.  Just Tap “Approve”.

  • Protect Cloud & On-Premise Apps

  • Works Seamlessly with Cloud Desktops

  • Easily Manage Users

  • View Device Hygiene

  • Single Sign On Features

Quickly Verify Your Identity with Duo Push

DUO delivers secure Two Factor Authentication access that won’t slow you down.  After logging-in, DUO delivers a notification to the DUO app on your iPhone or Android device.  Tap “Approve” and within seconds you will be granted access to your business-critical cloud or on-premise applications and data.

DUO Two-Factor Authentication works seamlessly with Concero’s Cloud Desktops.   Contact Concero and we will get you set up for a Free Trial.

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