Citrix Summit 2018

Concero just returned from the 2018 Citrix Summit in Anaheim.  Interestingly, Citrix is going forward the term “workspace” as a key marketing and product concept, replacing XenDesk, XenApp, XenMobile.  This follows the market trend set by Amazon’s Workspaces and VMware’s Workspace ONE product offerings.  So expect to hear about “Citrix Workspaces” in 2018.

More generally, the term “cloud workspace” has taken hold to replace the many terms associated with desktop and application hosting.   We think this is good because, as a concept, a user “workspace” is a more meaningful starting point for delivering the types of solutions modern business’ need to be successful.  Also, industry consolidation around the term cloud workspace should reduce confusion in the marketplace over time.

Critical to the Citrix Workspace is Citrix’s transition to software-as-a-service.  Going forward, Citrix wants customers to forego the complexity of building out their own Citrix administration services and use their cloud services to manage their Citrix Workspaces regardless of where they are hosted.  We think this is definitely the right direction for Citrix and its customers.  It dramatically improves how quickly and easily Citrix services can be consumed and provides a strong platform for the development of advanced security and analytics services which benefit all business in the search of better IT to power their business.

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