Citrix XenApp Services

Citrix XenApp Services

Citrix XenApp is a cloud acceleration service ideal for delivery of latency sensitive client/server applications over the Internet.  It builds upon Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services but is much more configurable and delivers far better performance and security. The Citrix XenApp architecture has number of different service components: the Citrix Access Gateway service, the Storefront service, the Delivery Controller service, the Virtual Delivery Agent Session service, and the Citrix Receiver. The Citrix Access Gateway/Netscaler service provides a SSL VPN connection to tunnel traffic between end-user devices and remotely hosted applications via the Internet. Also, it provides authentication services for remote users. Once the end-user is authenticated, the application is presented seamlessly using a client called the Citrix Receiver or via a website called StoreFront. The Delivery Controller service is where the majority of the configuration takes place such as publishing hosted applications or desktops and configuring performance policies and security items.

Service Deliverables:

Technical Support

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of Citrix XenApp service

Technical Features

  • Accelerated delivery of client/server applications hosted in the cloud
  • Seamless end-user experience even over high latency, high packet loss Internet connections
  • Application delivery to end-users via client or web browser
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