Top 8 Questions & Answers about QuickBooks Hosting

A quick reference guide of the most FAQs about Hosted QuickBooks to help you get started with your hosting solution.

1. Why should I sign up for QuickBooks hosting?

For security, mobility, and cost savings. Your financial applications are safe in the cloud behind layers of physical and network security and data never leaves the data center.  Only pixels are transmitted from the server hosting QuickBooks to an end-user’s Windows, Apple, or Android device.  So even if a workstation, laptop, or tablet is lost, stolen, or compromised, a security issue is avoided as no financial software or data is ever present on these devices.

Users can work from home, the office, or on the road with QuickBooks hosting service. All they need to get to work is an internet connection and an Apple, Android, or Windows device.

The investments in infrastructure, people, and processes needed to implement QuickBooks hosting solutions cannot be met by small and medium-sized businesses. It is much more affordable for businesses to sign up for QuickBooks hosting services than to try and do it on their own. Your service provider handles everything associated with the implementation and management of desktops so your desktop IT costs are also eliminated.

2. What versions of QuickBooks can I host?

You can host any “desktop” version of QuickBooks with Concero.  Plus, as we provision a private server to each customer, you can host other Windows compatible business applications alongside your Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Accountant version of QuickBooks at no additional cost.

3. Can my team work collaboratively on the same QuickBooks company file?

Yes.  Both online and desktops versions of QuickBooks support collaborative accounting.  However, to work collaboratively you must have a multi-user license for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Accountant version.  When a multi-user version of QuickBooks is combined with a Concero solution, your team can work on the same QuickBooks company file at the same time, from anywhere, from any Windows, Apple or Android device.  For more about hosted QuickBooks Multi-user capability go here.

4. Can I host other Windows applications, like Office 365, along with QuickBooks?

Yes.  You can run any other Windows compatible business application alongside QuickBooks.  In fact, we pre-install the full suite of Office applications for every customer.  This way, any user with an Office 365 ProPlus or E3 license can use these Office applications out-of-the-box.

 5. Is my QuickBooks application and data hosted in Canada?

Yes.  Concero is a Canadian owned and operated company.  Its data centres, offices, and staff are all in Canada.  Unlike American owned or controlled companies – which are subject to the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act or CLOUD Act (H.R. 4943) and other Acts that make it easy for US authorities to obligate US companies to turn over data it hosts regardless of where it is hosted – Concero is subject only to Canadian laws and privacy protections.

6. How much is QuickBooks Hosting?

Concero’s pricing for hosted QuickBooks services is simple and affordable.  Pricing is $49.99 CAD per user, per month plus $0.15 per GB of user data storage after 10 GB.  Volume discounts are available.  There are no additional setup, support, or server fees.  Users can be added or removed at any time.

7. Does it cost more if I have multiple customer files?

No.  If total user data storage remains under 10 GB, there is no additional fee for hosting multiple QuickBooks customer files or other type of files.  Additional storage space can be added dynamically to the D: (Data) drive for $0.15 CAD per GB.

8. What is the best way to try QuickBooks hosting?

This is the best way to experience the features and benefits of QuickBooks hosting first hand contact [email protected] and book a guided demo.  If that looks good, sign up for a 30 day, no obligation Free Trial.  With some basic company and user information we’ll have you logged in and your users working with hosted QuickBooks within 24 business hours.

To learn more about Concero QuickBooks hosting go here.

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