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Disaster recovery servers in cloud with stop watch

Disaster Recovery

Better protect your business with industry-best disaster recovery solutions from Concero.  Our DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) can rapidly recover your critical business applications with minimal data loss by continuously and securely replicating your VMWare or HyperV-based environments to a remote cloud.  Once set-up, recovery is automated and can be easily tested without disrupting routine production or disaster recovery services.  DRaaS has never been more straightforward or cost effective.

Disaster Recovery Overview
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Cloud-Based Backups and Replication

Concero is a Veeam Cloud Connect partner.  Simply point your Veeam backups or replica jobs for VMware or HyperV to our secure cloud and enjoy offsite backups without the cost and complexity of maintaining an offsite infrastructure. End-to-end encryption also means you can rest easy.  All data is encrypted before it leaves your network perimeter without negatively impacting data compression and WAN acceleration functionality.

Veeam Cloud Connect Overview
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Cloud File Sharing and Replication

Have the best of both worlds.  With Concero’s SyncAnywhere file sharing and replication service you can keep business files local on your PC or mobile device for fast access and keep a secure copy in the cloud for disaster recovery, secure sharing, and mobile access.  All file changes are tracked and replicated between the cloud and your devices automatically, in near real time.  End-to-end encryption and enterprise-class permissions management, which allows administrators granular control over file and folder sharing, ensures the security of your business documents.

SyncAnywhere Overview
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