Performance and Availability Monitoring Services

Performance and Availability Monitoring Services

The timely collection of accurate and complete information about the performance and availability of IT workloads is fundamental to the management of business-critical workloads.  By default, a monitoring agent is installed on every system to gather detailed performance and availability data. The checks made by the agent are specific to the OS and the applications being monitored on the system.  Custom checks can also be developed to monitor nearly any aspect of an application.

By default, historical performance and availability data is maintained for thirty (30) days.  However, a customer can request a longer retention time.  This data is available online via our Customer Service Portal.  Alerts generated by the monitoring system are automatically forwarded to our Support Services Team and managed according to our Incident Management process.

Service Deliverables:

  1. Technical Support
    • Setup and maintenance of the monitoring systems and agents
    • Setup, and maintenance of default system, OS, and application checks
    • Design, setup, and maintenance of custom application checks*
    • Design and management of customizable escalation procedures and thresholds
    • * Professional Services fees apply
  2. Technical Features
    • Checks made every 5 minutes unless check fails and then every minute
    • Online historical reporting via the customer service portal
    • Default 30 day archiving of monitoring data, can be customized for longer
    • Comprehensive library of checks for different OSs and applications
    • Supports custom application checks


  • For additional details on the default checks installed for different OSs and applications please see the Software Support Services section
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