Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Our enterprise-grade backup and recovery services will protect the integrity of the most complex and business-critical workloads.  Built on Veeam backup technology, our geo-distributed backup and archiving service is integrated into our cloud platform and delivers robust data protection without the slow recovery times of tape. Veeam combines the robustness of full VM-level backups with the granularity of file-level backups to provide the best of both worlds. Your onsite and offsite backup and retention policies for each VM are fully customizable. To kick off a recovery process just open a service request with the Support Services Team.

Service Deliverables:

Technical Support

  • Setup and maintenance of the backup systems and agents
  • Setup, and maintenance of onsite and offsite backup policies
  • Monitoring of backup jobs with a target success rate is > than 95% per month
  • Providing backup reports as requested

Technical Features

  • Veeam backup technology with local and remote data stores
  • Local backups over secure, high performance backup networks
  • Datacenter-to-datacenter backups via private MPLS connections
  • Fully customizable onsite and offsite retention policies
  • Default 7 day onsite retention policy
  • Database item-level and point-in-time recovery capabilities
  • File-level and block level backups supported

Backup Testing

Routine testing is the missing step in many backup services.  Doing a periodic restore from backup and testing the result is important insurance that the backups are functioning as necessary to meet the business requirements. Upon your request or according to a schedule we will plan and execute the restore of a backup or multiple backups into a test environment for you to validate. This testing is done on a time and material basis.

Backup Usage

Backup usage is calculated by adding up all the data that is backed up in a month as per your onsite and offsite backup policies. This amount is added to the amount of data backed from previous months and retained as per your onsite and offsite retention policies. This total amount is used to calculate backup usage and overages which are billed when a customer’s total backup usage for a month is greater than the total monthly backup usage subscribed to by the customer in their order.


  • For details about the backup options related to different OSs and applications please see the Software Support Services section.
  • The time required to restore data from a backup is dependent on many variables. The most important variable is the amount of data to be recovered. A single file recovery may take minutes but recovering a large database or media folder may take hours, or longer if the backup is being pulled from a remote location.
  • Although remote backups can be uses for disaster recovery purposes. Actual recovery time and recovery point will be high variable.
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