Log and Event Management Services

Log and Event Management Services

As part of its security standard, Concero collects and analyses critical access, application, and security logs from all of it managed storage, network, and compute devices, including customer Windows and Linux servers.   All logs are retained on secure, central log management systems.  The default log retention period is sixty days (30) days but this can be customized on a customer-by-customer basis.

The log management system automatically searches for security events and, if detected, raises an alert with the Support Services Team. The logs – in read only mode – are available to our operations team and you can request copies at any time.  As part of our professional services, our Security Team will also do routine security log reviews.

Service Deliverables:

Technical Support

  • Setup and maintenance of the log management system and agents
  • Design, setup, and maintenance of custom log filtering rules*
  • On-demand or scheduled security log reviews*
  • Relevant logs available upon request
  • * Professional service fees apply

Technical Features

  • Centralized log management system with highly restricted access
  • Collection and analysis of access, application, and security logs
  • Default sixty (30) day log retention, customizable on a customer
  • Support for custom log filtering rules


  • Storage used for optional log retention beyond the current month is added to the customer’s monthly total storage utilization measurement.
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