Global Cloud Availability and Performance Monitoring

Global Cloud Availability and Performance Monitoring

Concero uses a global monitoring system to provide an end-users perspective on website availability and performance in real-time from around the world. This data is available to customers directly via a web-based dashboard and is used to validate Service Level Agreements with Concero.

Global Checkpoints

  • Select from 100+ checkpoints from around the world to randomly visit URL every 5 minutes
  • All issues validated by an alternative checkpoint before and alert is sent
  • Instant alert notification to Concero’s Service Desk
  • Optional alerts to customer via SMS, RSS, and/or email

Availability and Performance Monitoring Capabilities

  • Monitor HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP, FTP, ping, connect, DNS, SQL protocols
  • Test for the existence or absence of a word or phrase in site response
  • Use automated HTTP and HTTPS form submission or Synthetic Transactions to test search queries, shopping carts, login attempts, etc.
  • Screenshot provided of any errors that are detected
  • Get site response and load times from global checkpoints

Control Panel:

  • Easily-configure escalation policies and maintenance periods.
  • Add and edit probes, add operators, alert definitions,
  • Add and edit SLA objectives, create probe groups and operator groups
  • View detailed online reports about errors, uptime, downtime and load times
  • Export data with XML. Reports are available in Excel, PDF and in email.

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