Administrative Access

Administrative Access

By default, administrative access to a customer’s server is restricted to authorized Concero personnel. However, the customer may opt for a co-managed service model where they can authorize host-level administrative access for non-Concero personnel. This co-management option is less common on production systems because most security standards require that developers do not have access to production data.  Also, if a customer chooses co-management, their production hosting environment is not be eligible for our top-tier, Application Availability SLA. To follow best practices, all administrative access and permissions are granted only on a need-to-have basis and managed via our access management services

Service Deliverables:

Technical Support

  • Set up and maintenance of all administrative access and permissions
  • Application Availability SLA’s are not offered on workloads with co-managed servers

Technical Features

  • All remote administration requires a secure (VPN or MPLS) connection
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