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Concero’s QuickBooks hosting service takes Quickbooks to the next level!  Give your accounting team secure access to QuickBooks from any place and any device.  And like hundreds of organizations across Canada, trust Concero to keep your business-critical accounting system and data safe in a top-tier, Canadian data center.  Contact us today and try our QuickBooks Cloud Workspace solution for free.

All Versions of QuickBooks Hosted in the Cloud

All versions of QuickBooks hosted securely in the cloud.If you’ve tried QuickBooks Online then you know there are many features missing compared to the “desktop” versions of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and Quickbooks Enterprise.  But you can have the best of both worlds.  Using our advanced Cloud Workspace service, we can securely deliver any version of QuickBooks from the cloud to any authorized user, on any device, anytime, and anywhere.  Contact us to find out more.

Why Concero QuickBooks Hosting Solutions?

Concero’s QuickBooks cloud hosting service delivers superior features and value to Canadian businesses.  If you are looking for a trusted partner in Canada that delivers state-of-the-art cloud workspace solutions with experienced and responsive technical and customer support, please contact us.  Here are few key points about our QuickBooks cloud hosting service:

Improve Team Productivity

Concero’s delivers QuickBooks to multiple end-users simultaneously via its Cloud Workspace service.  With Concero’s Cloud Workspaces, users can securely access business-critical applications and data anytime, anywhere, using any device.  Also, Concero’s Cloud Workspaces allow you to install virtually any Windows application along with QuickBooks, including Quickbooks add-ons and Microsoft Office 365 applications, to create a fully productive workspaces for your end-users.

  • Users can work on the same QuickBooks data at the same time
  • Access QuickBooks from wherever you have an Internet connection
  • Works with Windows, Apple, and Android devices
  • Launch QuickBooks and supporting applications in desktop or application mode
  • Runs like applications are installed on your local workstation
  • Supports other Windows applications including QuickBooks plug-ins
  • Learn more about Concero Cloud Workspaces 
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Better Security and Reliability

There is a much better way to secure your QuickBooks application and data than hosting it on workstation in your office.  Let Concero protect your business-critical accounting applications within a top-tier Canadian data center, behind multiple layers of physical and network security:

  • Top-tier Canadian data centers
  • Fully redundant network, storage, and server architecture
  • SSAE 16 SOC II information security certification
  • 24×7 security with electronic and bio-metric access controls
  • Multiple levels of firewalls, intrusion detection, and access controls
  • Strong encryption for data in transit and in rest
  • Daily backups with 30 day offsite retention
  • Learn more about our Cloud Security and Compliance
Secure QuickBooks Hosting in Canada.

More Reasons to Host Your QuickBooks with Concero

Not all QuickBooks hosting solutions are created equal.  From expert and comprehensive support delivered from our operations center in Canada to the superior performance and reliability of our Cloud Workspaces, here are a few more reasons customers choose Concero for their QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise hosting.

 Proactive QuickBooks Support Prompt Customer Support
Based in Canada, Concero’s experienced support staff are available 24x7x365 to deal with any service impacting incident and are available throughout the day by e-mail or phone to respond to any support requests from your end-users.
 Work with Hosted QuickBooks on any Device. Best User Experience 
Concero uses the latest Citrix remote desktop and application hosting technology.  This technology delivers the best user experience available from any Windows, Apple, or Android device.  While most providers sacrifice user-experience by using Microsoft’s less capable and cheaper RDS remote access technology, Concero doesn’t compromise.
 Expert QuickBooks Support Expert Technical Assistance
Concero’s service desk and has years of experience supporting QuickBooks on our Cloud Workspace platform.  They do not replace QuickBooks support but can answer any questions or remedy any problems you may face using the system without any extra charges to ensure your business operations are always up and running.
 Superior QuickBooks Performance Superior Performance
Concero’s QuickBooks cloud workspaces are very responsive, even over higher latency network connections.  In fact, the user experience is virtually indistinguishable from desktop PC.  To maintain this performance over time, compute resources are scaled on-demand to accommodate more users, applications, and data.
QuickBooks Data Migrations QuickBooks Setup and Data Migration
Concero will customize the installation of your QuickBooks cloud workspace to include your exact version of QuickBooks you need as well as any other Windows Applications you require.  We will also work with you to migrate your QuickBooks and other data to your Cloud Workspace as required.
 Better QuickBooks Security and Flexibility Better Security and Flexibility
Each customer’s cloud workspace is hosted on a private network and virtual dedicated server.  This improves overall security and allows customers the flexibility to install any Windows application along with QuickBooks and make it available to end-users.  Microsoft’s Active Directory services are also included with each QuickBooks cloud workspace.  This service permits very granular permissions to be applied to each end-user’s cloud workspace and address any special security requirement a customer may have.

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