Concero Rapid Recovery Service for Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect makes backing up your IT environment to an offsite data center easy and affordable.  But like every cloud backup service, recovery time is a serious problem.  When you need it the most, your business could be disrupted for a week or more while your backups download from the cloud over an Internet connection.  The more data you backup, the bigger the problem.  And the problem does not change if you are a kilometer or a thousand kilometers from your service provider – download speeds will remain the same.

Rapid Recovery kit for Veeam CC

Concero’s Rapid Recovery Service solves this problem.  If you need recover your cloud connect backups then Concero will – at its own expense – download your backups onto a portable NAS (up to 10TB) and then send a technician with the latest copy of your VMs to your location on the earliest available commercial flight.   Once on-site,  you will be able to rapidly recover your VMs at LAN speeds up to 10 Gbps.   Contact us to learn more about our Rapid Recovery service for Veeam Cloud Connect.

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