5 Things You Don’t Want to Hear from Your QuickBooks Hosting Provider

If you’re in the market for a hosted QuickBooks solution there are a few things you never want to hear from a potential QuickBooks hosting provider.  Keep an ear out for the following to avoid a QuickBooks hosting solution that may not be the best for your organization.

5 Things you don't want to hear Infographic

#1  “Yes, we also do QuickBooks hosting.”

Delivering world-class hosting services is a demanding exercise that requires complete focus, large investments, and deep levels of expertise.  It cannot be a sideline.  Choose a QuickBooks Hosting provider whose specializes in the delivery hosted desktops and applications and, better yet, is focused on supporting QuickBooks and other accounting applications.

#2  “Download the RDS client.”

For good reason, RDS (Remote Desktop Service) is the cheapest method of delivering a hosted QuickBooks solution.  RDS, while improved in recent years, still lacks many of the security, performance, and user experience features of an enterprise-grade remote desktop and application service, like Citrix Workspace.  Before committing to an RDS-based solution, be sure you can live with its limitations now and in the future.  

#3  “Here’s your server, the rest is up to you!”

Many hosting companies offer do-it-yourself solutions.  They’ll make sure your virtual server is up and running but for anything else you are on your own, including: software installs and updates, data migrations, troubleshooting, etc.  Its not worth the extra time/money on IT resources when there are companies the specialize in delivering hassle-free hosted QuickBooks solutions.  

#4  “What’s that accounting software called?”

If your hosting provider isn’t experienced in hosting QuickBooks and related third party applications, you will likely end up in the middle between your hosting partner and your software vendors.  A company with years of experience hosting QuickBooks will already be familiar with the nuances of delivering remote access to your business-critical accounting application and data delivery your environment.  They will avoid and help troubleshoot common QuickBooks issues so you are less likely to be bouncing between QuickBooks and Technical support.  QuickBooks support and Hosting support.

#5  “We’re a US hosting company, but your data will be in Canada.”

If you are a Canadian company and want to be subject only to Canadian laws and privacy protection then hosting in Canada may not be enough if the hosting company is American.  The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act or CLOUD Act (H.R. 4943) has made it easier than ever for US authorities to obligate US companies to turn over data it hosts regardless of where it is hosted.

”A (US) provider of electronic communication service or remote computing service shall comply … regardless of whether such communication, record, or other information is located within or outside of the United States.”

Concero has specialized in QuickBooks and Sage hosting for over 10 years.  We are a Canadian owned and operated company that delivers productivity and peace-of-mind to customers across Canada the depend on QuickBooks and Sage.   Contact us to learn more about cloud hosting by Concero.

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